Learn, You Must – What Yoda Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

The green Star-Wars friend and mentor has been an inspiration for me for ages. Whether to giggle because he seems funny looking, or to actually consider if the weird English sentences escaping his mount actually makes sense, Yoda has always been a friend of mine.

Here you have three of the smartest quotes from the Master Yoda and how I use them to explain how to be an Entrepreneur.

A picture of Yoda

Much to learn, you still have.

Being an entrepreneur is a never-ending journey when it comes to knowledge. It can range from reading a new book, learning a new skill or just perfecting what you already knew.

An example could be me. Having never heard of Growth Hacking and finding pop-ups rather irritating, I set out to understand the evergreens of the internet. How does it work – but more importantly, why? If you care to follow me on this wonderful journey, this blog is about my personal development as I try to reach internet fame.

You should never be afraid to learn new stuff as it just adds to your arsenal and in Start-up’s, you usually have few people doing a lot of different tasks – go learn, you must.


Do, Or do not. There is no try.

The deadliest thing in a Start-up, in a project or in life in general is giving up, or as Yoda phrases it – not doing. The most famous people, be it in entrepreneurship or in sports, have done a million times! Drew Brees didn’t just pick up the football and throw a perfect 40-yard spiral – nor did Donald Trump build a large empire in 4-hours.

You have to do! Try implies you giving up after meeting the first sign of failure, we cannot have that, so you have to keep going, keep evolving, keep pushing yourself further. Failure is uncomfortable, and therefore many people elect to stop before getting started, as to not get hurt. Get out there and do!

Your World is a reflection of you.

So what does this mean, well many things of course. But what I read into it regards your friends – your social cirle, the people around you who make you, you!
In Timothy Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Work Week he addresses your social circle and reminds us all, that your five best friends make you who you are. They either make you stronger, better and more positive – or drag you down in the dark to weaken you.
You decide who your friends are, so pick the best ones and skip the ones who are doing you no good.

Summary of article, i make

You can always learn new stuff, you can always learn more stuff – maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t, but never believe you are the smartest person in the world. Have an open mind to new people and hear what they have to bring, instead of thinking you are some sort of know it all.

Also sit down now and write what you want! What is your dream-project? Building a boat? Driving a Ferrari – learn how to sing?
Make it happen – now! Contact someone who have already done this and ask how they achieved it. I mean, what is the worst that can happen?

Lastly are you friends nay-sayers who are holding them down, then fire them! Get rid of them and get a new social circle. It’s hard, they are after all your friends, but let’s be honest if they are not benefiting with happiness and joy, why are you spending your time on them? Master Yoda surely wouldn’t.


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Learn, You Must – What Yoda Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship